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How To Minimize Bra Back Bulge

I get it, bra back bulge can be the worst. Many of my customers express to me how pesky it is and are asking what can they do to minimize this problem. I want my customers to not only love their lingerie, but make sure it achieves its purpose by providing the correct support and making you feel great. So what am I talking about when I say back bulge? Sometimes it’s caused by loss of firmness and elasticity due…

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Swim Style

How To Fit A One-Piece Swimsuit

Swimsuit shopping is an endeavor that can make you feel vulnerable and self-conscious.   With this in mind, I want to share my latest video on how to find the…

Sports Bras

Positive Sentiments

It makes my day a little brighter when I hear feedback from a customer like Barbara. My Know Your Breasts™ Bra Finder was years in the making, so I always appreciate…