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October 2007

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Nurse in Style

Let’s face it–nursing bras are not so very sexy. We’ve all seen the heavy cotton white utility model. But nursing mothers take heart. Condessa has come out with a line of pretty, colorful, and lacy styles (really) that remind you (and your partner) that you are not just an all-night dairy. The Cassandra lace nursing bra Gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘Hot Mamma.’ You can find lots more information about maternity and nursing lingerie in HerRoom’s fitting guide.…

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Tomima Unplugged

Flying Your Colors

We only have one question – was it a “convertible bra”?”A teenager who put her bra on a car antenna before it flew off and led to a highway accident…

What's New in Lingerie

Show Your Legs

Hot News! HerRoom is now carrying hosiery. We have a complete line of Falke, including leggings, tights, pantyhose and socks. Falke is well-known for their product innovations in hosiery–combining high-tech…