Spanx Bra-llelujah Full Coverage Front Close Bra 216

What Causes Back Fat?

There's a fairly new phrase that's popped into our vernacular: back fat.When a woman is walking away from you, and the back of her shirt is bumpy because her skin isn't laying smoothly, this is considered back fat.Bras are the major contributor to this unattractive look.But the right fitting bra can ...
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Panache PS Sports Bra 2001
Sports bras are really in a category all their own. You see them less in lingerie departments, and more in the active sportswear stores. This is because sports bras are all about performance. And that performance is their ability to reduce breast bounce. It's a pretty standard occurrence that a spor ...
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Thin is Not In

According to an article on PRNewswire, a recent poll shows 80% of men want curvy voluptuous women, not rail thin stick models.  In the last 20 years, fashion models have gone from a size 8 to a size 0 for runway models. Within the same time period, the average American woman has gone from a size 10 ...
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Good t-shirt fit.
Guy Fashion 101: T-shirts and undershirts are not the same. Undershirts should not be worn as t-shirts and vice versa. If you got it for free, it's probably cheap and ill-fitting. Every guy should own a wardrobe of both undershirts and t-shirts. These are the rules.Let's begin with undershirts. An u ...
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Let me just state up front that if you wear a D cup size bra or smaller, you can ignore this posting - you won’t know what I’m talking about. IF, however, you’re bigger than a D, read on - I’m finally going to explain to you why you think different bra brands don’t fit you right when yo ...
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Full figure vs. plus size.  The terms "full figure" and "plus size" have been in the lingerie lexicon since the beginning. They're frequently mentioned and used interchangeably so often that many consider them synonymous. Well, they aren't. That's right, there is a difference between the two ter ...
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Spanx Bra 216 Back view
With great fanfare, the highly anticipated Spanx Bra-lleluhah Bra style 216 launched this January. Three years in the making, this Spanx bra claims to be "So comfortable... You'll forget you have it on!."So what's so different about this bra? Unlike other lingerie manufacturers, Spanx ...
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(un)covering what's under everything