All parts of our body bounce as we walk around and do everyday chores. But, when it comes to doing impact aerobic workout, we really want to contain the bounce of our breasts for comfort and well as to keep them from becoming pendulous and sagging. So, do we need to bind our breasts and prevent any ...
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Lingerie from pine trees
That's right. Eco-friendly fabric made from wood is now available. French lingerie designer, Sophie Young is designing lingerie with Lenpur fabric under the label By Nature. Her collection, called g=9.8 (the scientific equation for earth's acceleration due to gravity) claims not only to be eco-frien ...
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Having helped women with bras now for more than nine years, I have discovered that bras and shoes have a lot in common.Comfort - For everyday wear, bras and shoes must be comfortable. At the end of the day, if you can't wait to take either of them off, you know they will never be your favorit ...
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The Cup Size Game

 Finding a bra you love only to discover its size range stops just before your bra size can be frustrating. However, in some circumstances, you may not be totally out of luck.Say you're a 40C and the bra you have found stops at 38DD. You MIGHT be able to wear the 38D or 38DD in that bra if the band ...
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On April 12th,Andrew Christian arrived in Dallas for the weekend to make a couple special appearances.  First stop was the store Union Jack on Oaklawn.  The crowd was huge for his 2 hour appearance where he signed photos and underwear.  Later that night a fashion show of Andrew Christian underwea ...
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Bra Underwires
Have you ever bought an underwire bra in your size and felt like the underwires didn't fit right? This posting is to help you understand bra underwires and how they are designed, selected and ultimately sewn into your bras.Let's begin with some basic geometry. Breasts, for the most part, are shaped ...
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Victoria's Secret Store Today
Has Victoria's Secret gone too sexy and lost it's core business? Several blogs and articles are claiming this to be the case. Due to it's success with "Pink," the stores now have a decidedly young and very sexy feel when you walk in. Many long-standing customers now feel they are "too old" to be sho ...
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