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June 2008

Tomima Unplugged

Great smelling lingerie


Here’s a twist.  Underwear that always smells freshly washed.  Huntsman Textiles has invented Invasan RCD, a finish added to fabric during its final processing.  The goal is to give your clothes a longer “just washed fragrance.” Here’s how it works. Derived from sugar (so it’s environmentally green), RCD’s small capsules bond to cotton during fabric processing.  The capsules get charged with the scent from your laundry detergent or fabric softener during the laundry process.  As you wear the garment throughout…

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Women's Lingerie

The Undie Awards Demographics

  With two years of voting under our garter belts, I thought you might find it interesting to know what the demographics of the Undie voters are.  In our second…