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July 2008

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Wacoal “The Top Solution” Seamless Contour Bra 85912 – What a Great Idea!

I must confess, I’m a big fan of Wacoal products and the company.  This Japan-based company just turns out quality product after quality product.  They research the market and really work hard to design a style to meet women’s needs. Their latest innovation is The Top Solution Bra style 85912.  And it’s a great solution for women who are hollow above their breasts. What is the issue this bra addresses?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Any woman who once had beautiful…

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Tomima Unplugged

Women in the Blogosphere

  A colleague and I just came back from attending the BlogHer conference in San Francisco where we were face-to-face with over 1000 women bloggers. Judging by the enthusiasm, energy…