Like a column, this figure type has the characteristics of being slim and straight without curves or waist.  I happen to fall into this body type, so I know how frustrating it can be to have no body definition.  I run towards anything with an empire cut just to avoid revealing my lack of a waist. ...
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Not all figure types are defined by fruit, but this the apple body shape is the second and final one.  What is an apple figure type?  It's a woman with round curves who has a tummy bulge and round hips.  In silhouette, she would have a very round shape - as in contrast to a pear shape which would ...
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The lingerie industry has come up with six figure types that they feel captures every woman.  I know this sounds kind of crazy, but the truth is I have yet to find a woman I couldn't classify in one of them.  By knowing your personal figure type, you can make smarter lingerie choices that will enh ...
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Valentine Lingerie Ideas

Valentine's Day will be here soon, so the race is on to find a fun/sexy lingerie outfit to entice your significant other.  Being in the business, we see all sorts of Valentine-themed items from manufacturers--with hearts, cupids, erotic cartoons and racy sayings-- every year.  And every year, we g ...
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