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Lingerie Figure Types – The Pear Body Shape

The lingerie industry has come up with six figure types that they feel captures every woman.  I know this sounds kind of crazy, but the truth is I have yet to find a woman I couldn’t classify in one of them.  By knowing your personal figure type, you can make smarter lingerie choices that will enhance your best points and disguise your less-than-favorable ones.

In my next six postings, I’m going to talk about each of these figure types. They are The pear shape, apple shape, column shape, the hourglass shape, the almost hourglass shape and the cornet shape.

The figure type known as the pear shape can usually be recognized by a small upper body and a large and heavy lower body.  Her shoulders are narrow, but her hips are fairly wide and her thighs are quite heavy.  Thus, in silhouette, her body would have the shape of a pear.  In most cases, the size she wears on top is 1 to 3 sizes smaller than her size on bottom which can make it very difficult if not impossible to buy dresses.

So, what are the best lingerie options for a woman with this figure type? Let’s start on top.  The goal here is to balance the body shape.  So, for a pear shaped woman with a small cup size, select a bra that is padded and gives the breast some more volume.  This will make the upper portion of her body look more in proportion and have the added benefit of creating the look of a waist.  For pear-shaped women with larger breasts, make sure breasts are lifted and supported.  Again, you get a waist and you’ll look like you’ve lost weight.

Now for the bottom.  I love repeating a comment made by Tyra Banks.  She noticed that the skimpier the bathing suit, the slimmer she looked – especially when she had put on a few pounds.  Her comment is absolutely correct. Women with large thighs and hips look much slimmer in a brief that is high cut on the sides and with a lower rise.  This makes your legs look longer and slimmer and because the briefs are lower, your hips and thighs will look more in balance with your shoulders. The absolute worst look for you would be to stick on a big full coverage brief.

One final note on this figure type.  It is almost impossible to find a longline bra that will fit you. The manufacturers had to make a decision as to your hip size, and they have chosen to design longline bras to accomodate a woman whose top and bottom are more in proportion.  So, my suggestion to a pear shaped woman who simply must have a longline bra is to purchase a corset  with a back or front lace-up.  This will allow great fit flexibility and better contouring to your unique shape.



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