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Lingerie Figure Types – The Hourglass Body Shape

That song “She’s a Brick House” with measurements of 36-24-36 pretty much describes the hourglass figure. She is well-proportioned between breasts and hips, and she has a nice slim waist.

If you fit this body shape, most women envy you because you are the shape almost all women want.  You are the current beauty ideal.  You can pretty much wear anything and look fabulous.

Because your bust measurement is about the same as your hip measurement, you have a good set of C cups or larger.  To maximize your look and give you an even more slender one, make sure your bra has great lower cup support, and preferably some side panels in the cups to help push your breast tissue out from under your arms and more towards the center.  Getting your breasts up and centered will enhance your proportions even more.

For panties, high cut panties will elongate your legs as well as shorten the lower part of your torso. This helps to put the thinnest part of your waist in the center of your torso.  Of course string bikini panties are perfect for you as well as thongs.

So, if you are this body shape, go on and strut your stuff.  But just know the rest of us don’t want to hear about it.

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