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A Molded Bra Versus a Contour Bra – What’s the Difference?

The lingerie industry has created confusion over the last several years with the two terms “molded” and “contour” to describe a bra cup.  So, allow me to explain the difference.

A molded cup has been shaped over a breast mold to give it a pre-defined breast shape.  Fabric with synthetic fibers is stretched over a hot mold form, a second hot piece comes down on top of it and molds the former flat piece of fabric into the shape of a breast.  this piece is now the bra cup and is sewn into a bra frame.  Usually, the fabric is seamless, but molded cups can also contain seams – this gives added support.

A contour bra is a molded bra, but with a thin layer of foam included in the cup to provide modesty by reducing or eliminating nipple show-through.  This foam also helps create a specific shape to a woman’s breast tissue.  It can make you more rounded and uplifted.


Now, here’s where additional confusion comes in.  A contour bra is also called a t-shirt bra by many retailers and manufacturers.  So, I empathize with women out there who find this confusing.  But, there is a subtle distinction here as well.  A t-shirt bra always has a seamless cup with thin foam for modesty.  A contour bra also has the foam, but it can also have seams for added breast support.  So, a t-shirt bra is always a contour bra, but a contour bra is not always a t-shirt bra.

I personally am a big fan of the contour bra because it’s the perfect choice for any woman seeking a sculpted silhouette.  It offers a significant amount of coverage and adds definition, smooth shape, and best of all, the elimination of nipple show-through. Contour bras are also a good choice for in-between bra sizes, or a woman with uneven breasts.

Now, contour bras do have their detractors.  Larger breasted women don’t like them because they believe they add size to their bustline.  I would agree that in the past, this probably was true.  However, the manufacturers have really refined the contour bras to give shape and contour to the breast without adding volume.

A molded bra is usually made with a single piece of fabric or has a second layer for opacity and additional strength. It is the ultimate light-weight bra for a woman who wants to feel and look like she’s wearing nothing, but knows that she needs to wear something to make the girls look attractive and youthful.
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