It's only good news that we American women have company with British women.  The truth is that the average woman in both America and the UK is getting bigger.  A recent study revealed that the average UK gal is now a size 14/16 - pretty much the same size as the average American female.  Accordin ...
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For me, this was an exciting and fascinating discovery.  A bra from the 1950's sold at auction last week for more than $5,000.  It was made for Marilyn Monroe and could have been worn under her famous white dress known for flying up over a New York City subway vent in the movie "Seven Year Itch."T ...
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If you haven't yet taken a look at the "Total Solution" line of bras from Maidenform, it would be worth your while to do so.  They are the newest cutting-edge technology in bra support without seams.Maidenform calls this patent-pending feature "Smartzone" cup technology.  But, even with all the ta ...
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