Men’s Underwear Videos

I have an incredibly creative team at Andra Group, and I am very proud of them.  Recently, they have developed two very impressive and entertaining videos for two lines of men's underwear that we carry at HisRoom - Diesel and Obviously.Many people on our team participated, but two individuals deser ...
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I know you may think this sounds like a silly question, but are you?  Are you pulling your underpants up too high?  I bring this up because I realized that with some of my panty styles, I was.Here's a little background.  The thong as a mainstream panty option hit about 15 years ago.  And, if you ...
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Everyone seems to be coming out with a shapewear line.  You can't go to market without seeing what manufacturers have done.  Most of it looks the same, but Cosabella has an interesting twist - theirs is made of bamboo fabric.Cosabella spent a year in research and development before unveiling their ...
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You know, I always thought  this, but recently my instincts were legitimized.  Fifteen years ago, Alan Greenspan began tracking sales of men's underwear because he had a hunch that consumer spending in this category predicted overall consumer spending trends.What he found is that men's underwear s ...
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