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Not ‘Everyone’ is Wearing Thongs Anymore

I know I haven’t put a thong on in a long time.  A couple of years ago, I wore them more.  But, frankly, I like to wear skirts and dresses more than pants.  Wearing a thong with these always left me feeling a little… shall we say “breezy” on my backside.  So, my panty shape of choice is a low-rise bikini.

I was reading an interview with supermodel Gisele Bundchen in Elle Magazine.  Now, if anyone would be wearing thongs regularly, I  thought it would be supermodels.  Guess what?  I’m wrong.  Here’s what Bundchen said:

“I’m a huge fan of big cotton underpants; they’re comfortable… I wear them every day.”  Now, it was also noted that her words are in Brazilianspeak – “big” in Brazil is equivalent to a bikini-cut panty and not a granny panty.  But still, it was great to read this.

Another supermodel, Tyra Banks, was once quoted as saying that the smaller the bottom of a bathing suit, the thinner you look.  And, I agree.  Not only do bikinis not poke out above your pants, but they are comfortable while providing enough coverage so that you wouldn’t be embarrassed should a gust of wind raise your skirt.

Finally, on this same subject,  an article came out in the New York Times about the panties that erase panty lines.  Five panties were featured – not one was a thong.  The winner was the OnGossamer Cabana Cotton Hip-bikini.  The article stated that this bikini was “totally comfortable” and “Literally, there were zero lines…”

If a bikini can provide zero panty lines, what woman wouldn’t prefer a panty over a thong?  Does anyone disagree?


Sometimes, the way a panty looks depends on the way we wear them. I wrote about wearing panties too high a while back.



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    Jillian Pollard
    December 1, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    I have worn a thong a total of two times, and both trimes I just was not comfortable in them. I felt like I was being cut in half! I know many women swear by them, but for myself I prefer the full cut briefs or the bikini’s. I know it sounds like I’m old fashion, but being comfortable and not feeling self-conscious is very important to me.
    J. Pollard

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