Let me get this off my 36C chest - I've always hated the phrase "training bra."  What are we training?  Breasts don't need to be trained.  It's not like a bicycle where you eventually remove training wheels and you're off.  It's hard enough for a girl to actually put on her first bra, so let's n ...
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Here's a fun and actual story.  My two daughters and I went to Hawaii the week before Christmas.  One afternoon, I had just finished a shower while my girls were down on the beach.  Suddenly, they both exploded into the room and said "There's a woman in the hall who doesn't speak English, but we ...
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There's been quite a bit of advertising about Victoria's Secret's "Miraculous" Push-up bra.  Made by the Maidenform Company, the claim is that special padding lifts you up and out, thus adding up to 2 full cup sizes to your breasts.  And it does all of this with amazing comfort while keeping a nat ...
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(un)covering what's under everything