The Ultimate Push-Up Bra – Does it Really Give a 2 Cup Size Increase?

January 7, 2010 by Tomima - 24 Comments

There’s been quite a bit of advertising about Victoria’s Secret’s “Miraculous” Push-up bra.  Made by the Maidenform Company, the claim is that special padding lifts you up and out, thus adding up to 2 full cup sizes to your breasts.  And it does all of this with amazing comfort while keeping a natural shape.


Wow!  That’s quite a promise.  So, I went and bought one and put it to the test.  By way of explanation, a one inch increase in the circumference of your chest along the nipple line qualifies as a cup size increase.  So, to make their claim true, a total of 2 inches to the circumference needs to be achieved.


So, here are the results.  We used one of our 34B models. Her measurements are:

Band 34″

Bust 36″

First, we put her in the Spanx 216 Bra-llelujah contour bra.  These photographs show her shape.

spanx bra sidesoanx bra front


We then put her in Victoria’s Secret “Miraculous” bra.  Her measurements became:

Band 34″

Bust 38″

So, the claim is correct; her bust circumference increased by 2 inches.  And, I must say,  her cleavage and shape look natural and fabulous.

victorias secret maidenform bra sidevictorias secret maidenform bra front









As I mentioned earlier, this bra is made by the Maidenform company.  And, apparently a deal was cut whereby Victoria’s Secret got the exclusive for the first 6 months.  And boy, are they taking advantage.  The Victoria price is $48 for the solid colors and $52 for the prints.

The Maidenform version arrived late June 2010.  Their design does have some differences – a little more coverage in the cups, a more stabilizing center front, and a different back design to provide more support.  Whereas the Victoria’s Secret bra goes up to DD cup sizing, the Maidenform will only go up to D cups. And, the biggest difference of all will be the pricing. The Maidenform price will be just $34. That’s a 30% price savings!

Personally, I’m very impressed.  The Maidenform Company, in my opinion, is the current leader in innovative bra designs. They have done a super job here creating a look of more natural cleavage.

On a final note, I do want to point out that we tried to measure the thickness of the padding in this bra.  In some places, the padding is over 1 inch thick.  So, I have a bit of a concern with how to care for it.  You don’t want to stick it in the dryer, yet with all that padding, will it dry fast enough so that there won’t be a problem with mildew from line drying?  The jury is out on this one.


Maidenform & Victoria’s Secret have teamed up before on the Total Solution and Perfect One Bras.


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