A New Average Bra Size in the USA

March 23, 2010 by Tomima - 4 Comments


The average bra size used to be a 34B in America.  In fact, when I need a sample of a new bra style, what size arrives?  Yes, a 34B.  Everyone in the bra industry still uses this size as the norm. But over the last 10 years, the average bra size has been climbing.

Ten years ago, when I started in this business, I was informed that the new average bra size was a 36C.  Well, it is now being reported that today’s median bra size in the US is 36DD – that’s an increase of 2 cup sizes.

I’m happy to say that the bra industry has seen this trend coming.  I’ve noticed that many traditional manufacturers, like Wacoal for example, have increased their cup size range.  You can now purchase many of their bras in a G cup (which is the same as a DDDD cup).  The brand Olga actually revamped their entire bra size range two years ago.  Their products now start with a C cup and go up – no more B and A cup sizes.

As the need for larger cup sizes grows, I really do wish we could standardize how these cup sizes are named.  You may not know this, but many manufacturers could be calling your cup size by other letters.  For instance, some manufacturers refer to a DD as an E cup, a DDD as an F cup and so on.

For those of you needing help deciphering all the variations for your cup size,  I’ve tried to make it easy by creating our size conversion chart.  Simply find your column, and you now have your cup size in every bra brand available.


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