She's on the cover of the latest W Magazine nude.  Then inside, Kim is nude but for silver spray paint all over her body.  She has now left nothing to the imagination; Kim is standing full frontal and showing off her actual breasts.  But then the article claims they're the cup size of DD.  Well, ...
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I must say that I'm really excited about a new line of organic cotton underwear we are now carrying.  Called Ecoland, it's made by a small family-owned and operated company out of California.Why am I excited?  Because my team has been searching for a long time.  Organic cotton underwear that is s ...
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Last year, I blogged about the 2009 winner of the Lg Nobel Prize.  As a reminder, the Lg Nobel Prize honors ideas that celebrate the unusual and the imaginative and spur interest in science, medicine and technology.  The Award is considered the highlight of the scientific calendar each year.  Las ...
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(un)covering what's under everything