We've got something fun for you! Check out our 'Show Us Your Drawer(s)' Contest on Facebook.The New Year is a great time to clear out the old and bring in the new. So, submit up to 3 photos of your lingerie drawer and the HerRoom staff will select the drawer we think is most in need of a makeover--t ...
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The Sounds of Cup Sizes

I was blown away by the cleverness of a recent Christmas ad by the lingerie manufacturer La Senza.  They have seven models ranging from cup size A to G.  They then assigned each model the musical note to match her cup size.  Then,  with each model lying down on what sort of look like piano keys ...
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 The French brand Huit (pronounced "wheat" and French for the number eight) was in the clutches of bankruptcy. But no more!  Eveden, the company that brings us Goddess, Freya, Fantasie, and Elomi bought it.  Tracy Lewis, Chief Executive of Eveden came from the UK and visited ...
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 Since the beginning of HerRoom, every bra on our site has included a front shot on a mannequin with a kind of grid overlay on top of it.  I've come to learn that some women find it invaluable, but others blow by it or totally ignore it because they don't understand what it's telling them. ...
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(un)covering what's under everything