There have been a couple of articles written this week proclaiming Oprah as the reason that sexy and fashionable plus-sized lingerie is available in the market today.  This is simply nonsense.Every plus-size lingerie brand we carry at HerRoom has been around for years prior to Oprah's 'Bra Interven ...
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I sell a lot of shapewear from many shapewear manufacturers at HerRoom. So, I've heard all the pitches as to why each brand thinks they do it the best.  And, with some brands, I agree that their approach is unique.  But, (and this is a big but) shapewear is not the panacea that many women think it ...
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Personally, I think finding the right band size is really tough.  A bra's cup size either fits or it doesn't, but finding the right fit in a band size can be a little subjective.  And it's because of this that mistakes can be made.Simply put, women - and bra fitters for that matter - have their ow ...
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