This year, our Undie Award for the overall favorite bra went to the Timpa 16449.  It received the most votes by you the public.  Here is what's remarkable about this fact: this bra is really a bra for AA, A, B, and some C cup women.This is quite a change for many reasons.  The trend over th ...
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Only members of Congress and White House Staff have been able to review the gruesome photos of the dead Bin Laden.  But, last week, Senator Jim Inhofe, the first senator allowed to view them, elaborated by stating that some of the photos revealed he was shot wearing only his underwear bottoms.This ...
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Boxers or briefs?  Well, we all know now;  Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely a briefs man. And we know this because of a picture that surfaced recently with him in a very specific and popular pose.It all started when Kanye West posted a photo of his girlfriend, Amber Rose, in the iconic pose made famo ...
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Underwear Rituals

Do you have one?  Jodie Foster does. Actress/director Jodie Foster confessed to putting on odd colored underwear every time before she gets on a plane. Why?  She didn't give an answer.  It might have something to do with motherhood and the scary thriller she made back in 2005 where her character ...
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(un)covering what's under everything