London! France! Jake Gyllenhaal’s Underpants!

June 16, 2011 by Tomima - No Comments

Boxers or briefs?  Well, we all know now;  Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely a briefs man. And we know this because of a picture that surfaced recently with him in a very specific and popular pose.

It all started when Kanye West posted a photo of his girlfriend, Amber Rose, in the iconic pose made famous by Grace Jones on the cover of her  ‘Island Life’ album.  This photo then set off a firestorm of interpreters in all shapes and sizes contorting into the same pose and posting themselves on Twitter.

So, which tightie whities is Jake wearing?  According to my men’s buyer, Jake is sporting a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Cotton Jersey Briefs PO82.  As for those socks that seem to match the carpet…  We’re looking the other way.


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