Not all breasts are separated the same.  And, I don't think most women know this.  Did you know that some women have touching or "kissing" breasts where there is no space between the breasts?  There are other women with rather wide separation - more than 3 finger widths in fact.   So, why does ...
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Germ-free Underwear

 A research team at the University of Georgia has come up with a new technology that can make clothing and lingerie permanently germ free. It's simple to implement, works on synthetic and natural fabrics, does not come out in the wash and can be applied either at home or during manufacturing.  ...
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Finding your hosiery size has always been a little bit of a game.  I, for one, am always on the cusp, so I usually size up to the next size.  Sometimes this works and sometimes not.  Given a choice, I would rather my pantyhose be too big than not big enough and suffer the discomfort of a l ...
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(un)covering what's under everything