Breast Separation – It Matters

August 24, 2011 by Tomima - 8 Comments

Not all breasts are separated the same.  And, I don’t think most women know this.  Did you know that some women have touching or “kissing” breasts where there is no space between the breasts?  There are other women with rather wide separation – more than 3 finger widths in fact.   So, why does this even matter?  Because breast separation can have a huge impact on how a bra fits.

I think one of the most overlooked feature of any bra is the center panel or center gore. There are wide design variations.  And, how this piece is shaped, sized and attached to the cups effects how a bra will fit.

breast separationLet’s say you have touching breasts. You are one of those lucky ladies who always gets a center cleavage line.  However, a traditional center panel will probably not touch or “tack” on your sternum.  It can’t because there is no room between your breasts for its resting spot.  Consequently, your bra will look like it doesn’t fit – the center panel and wires could bend out forward, or your center panel could be resting away from your sternum.

The solution here is to find a bras where the center panel is low, or where the bra does not even have a center panel. Also look for bras where the underwires are short in the center and do not come up very high.  Plunge bras and some demi bras have these shorter underwires. A halter bra is also a good style because such a bra tends to be designed to push breasts together anyway.

At the other extreme are wide-set breasts.  These are breast where there is more than 3 fingers width of breast separation between breasts.  Because of this, touching cleavage is pretty much impossible.  And, underwires can be uncomfortable because they are spaced too close to the center and will pinch the breast tissue under the arms.

breast separationbreast separationIn the case of wide-set breasts, the center panel again needs to be scrutinized. If your breasts are wide-set, chances are you have never been able to create cleavage, and you have sometimes put on a bra that doesn’t catch your whole breast under the arms. The wider your center panel, the better fit you will achieve.  Wire-free bras will be comfortable.  Push-up bras where the pads are both at the bottom and side of the cups will give wide-set breasts the best breast fullness.  And triangle style bras and bathing suit tops will probably look the best.

My point in this post is to let you know that there is more to fitting a bra than just knowing your size.  Based on your breast separation, you will have more success with some styles if you know how far apart your breasts are.





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