Apparel Sizing Has Changed

Have you noticed that you find yourself sizing down a lot when you try on clothing?  I have.  And I tell you, when I fit into a size 2, or once into a size 0, I'm so elated, I almost always buy it.  For me, it's like wearing a badge of honor!Well, now my bubble has been burst.  I learned recentl ...
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 Before I was in the lingerie business, I had given birth to two girls. I distinctly remember the maternity lingerie I bought. Few if any stores had maternity lingerie.  So, I went to Target, found 3 awful looking white bras and these big white granny-panties that came up and over my belly.  ...
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Fantasie makes terrific full-busted bras.  So, naturally, when they showed me a new bra that will be coming this fall, I became very excited.The new Fantasie bra is called Esme.  It is their next generation of a t-shirt bra.  Currently their Fantasie Smoothing T-shirt bra 4510 and their Fantasie ...
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