It's no secret that Elomi is known for bringing full busted women great choices in lingerie and now the brand is expanding their bra offerings of K cup sizing. This is a win/win for Elomi and their K cup customers who until now have had a very limited selection to chose from.  In fact, many K cup w ...
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 I was on a long flight recently, and well, you know, you eventually end up speaking to the person next to you. As soon as I tell them what I do, especially if it's a woman, I can settle in for a nice long conversation about underwear. This last trip was no exception. A quick look at her, and I ...
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I don't need any more boots.  Over the last couple of years, i think I have collected every style - booties, thigh boots, motorcycle boots and on and on.  But, I confess to wanting all of them to look more current and modern.  Well, I found my answer - wear them with socks.It took me a while this ...
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(un)covering what's under everything