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February 2012

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Lingerie Laws Broken at the Oscars

Cleavage wasn’t the scene stealer at this year’s Academy Awards but it certainly made an appearance. Jennifer Lopez was a top contender, showcasing maximum cleavage in a deep plunge gown but as she presented on stage, it seemed her breasts were on the verge of a nip slip. It’s a price you pay for such a daring fashion. But with a little help from fashion tape, it can be pulled off without a wardrobe malfunction. In fact, it was mentioned…

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Women's Lingerie

Is Your Contour Bra Gapping?

We have been performing a lot of bra fittings at HerRoom recently. It’s been fascinating to see the bras women come in wearing. Most are showing up with a contour…

Women's Lingerie

Trend for Spring 2012

I returned from New York City Market last week. It’s always informative to check in with all the HerRoom lingerie manufacturers and see what’s coming to market in the next 6…