oscars cleavage(4)
Cleavage wasn't the scene stealer at this year's Academy Awards but it certainly made an appearance. Jennifer Lopez was a top contender, showcasing maximum cleavage in a deep plunge gown but as she presented on stage, it seemed her breasts were on the verge of a nip slip. It's a price you pay for su ...
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Kim Kardashian2
Many of you may have seen the photo of Kim Kardashian full frontal in W Magazine wearing nothing but silver body paint. The article said she's a DD cup size.  WRONG!  She is a much larger cup size.  In fact, word on the lingerie street says she's a 32GG - a full 5 cup sizes larger.So, why the li ...
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simone perele
We have been performing a lot of bra fittings at HerRoom recently. It's been fascinating to see the bras women come in wearing.Most are showing up with a contour cup bra. This means the cups are molded into a specific shape and then lined with a thin layer of foam for modesty. Not only are these wom ...
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Trend for Spring 2012

I returned from New York City Market last week. It's always informative to check in with all the HerRoom lingerie manufacturers and see what's coming to market in the next 6 months.In almost every one of my appointments, I saw an increase in the number of multi-part cup bras being offered. These ar ...
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(un)covering what's under everything