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Ladies with cup sizes larger than a D cup, how many times have you gone bra shopping and not been sure what cup size letter is yours? A 38E, 38F and 38DDD can all be the same cup size! Bet you didn't know that? Confusion abounds because bra manufacturers only agree on what to call cup sizes AA, A, B ...
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When did having side boob become a fashion statement?cialis ukEspecially at an elegant and classy event like the Met Gala 2012? Well, this year Gwyneth Paltrow sported her version of the look in her custom made Prada gown. Her dress featured a high-cut halter front with deep-cut sides leaving her at ...
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What ever happened to designers creating gowns for women with features that enhance and accentuate? That was definitely not the case for Beyonce's Givenchy dress at the 2012 Met Gala. Not only was the dress unflattering from behind -acheter du viagra en lignesheer, spider web-inspired design - but t ...
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