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Shapewear Can Be Dangerous?

In the last few years, shapewear has grown in popularity as women have discovered this easy way to smooth and trim their figures under clothing. Well now, doctors are weighing in and there are claims that wearing shapewear can pose a danger to your health.

Stomach Issues – It’s been reported that some women have experienced acid reflux while wearing shapewear that fits too tightly over their midsections. Doctors say the heavy constriction can cause heart burn and other discomfort.

The Solution: Select shaping styles that aren’t too tight around your stomach area. Be sure you can sit, breathe and handle a regular meal comfortably while wearing your shaping garments.

Blood Clots – Apparently those covered elastic bands that are meant to keep shapewear from riding up your legs can lead to disruption of blood flow if they are too tight. Areas such as thighs and lower legs are most affected and when blood clots form they can move to other parts of your body.

The Solution: Again, be sure these areas are not being squeezed too tightly. If you see a heavy mark left behind around your legs when you remove your

shapewear – you may want to size up to avoid experiencing this potentially dangerous reaction. Another good way to ensure you’re not in danger of this, wearing laser-cut hems that will fit more comfortably while looking smooth all at the same time.

Layering Shapewear– Even though we’ve heard celebrities talking about this ‘secret trick’ on the red carpet, doctors warn against doing this. Some very t

hin shapewear styles such as the SPANX Skinny Britches Collection are designed to be layered since the control level is very light. But in most cases, you should single layer your thigh shapers and bodysuits always to avoid nerve damage and other circulatory issues.

Common sense should prevail with shapewear. First, don’t go down a size thinking you’ll get more support. Always buy your correct size – the manufacturers have calibrated the spandex accordingly. Don’t double up. Not only does this create too much pressure on your body, but it reduces your body’s breatability – you could feel like you’re in a plastic bag. Always keep in mind what happens to your wrist when you put a too tight rubber band or hair band around it. You get a big red mark, and you reduce blood flow to that extremity. Too tight shapewear on your body can do the same thing. And finally, be realistic. No piece of shapewear is going to reduce you two sizes. Honest shapewear manufacturers will always tell you they can maybe reduce your measurement by 1-2 inches – at the most. And then, the sausage analogy starts kicking in with bulges occurring along the edges where your shapewear stops.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when wearing shapewear: if it’s too binding, it’s time to size up.

Style shown above is the ResultWear Grace Strapless Slip.

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  • Tom
    August 28, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Sound advice.

  • Sheetal
    August 31, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    This Information is very useful and informative to find a perfect undergarments which is give comfortable feel.