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How Often Do You Wash Your Bras?

Admit it. How many times do you wear your bra before washing it? Once? Three times? Five? Well, a bra expert was recently asked this on television. Her response? Eight! Yikes! This answer caused quite a stir in the social network among many women, including me. Personally, I think this is wrong. If I’d been asked this question, my recommendation would be three to five tops. The primary variables to consider are your climate and proclivity to perspire. And, no bra should be worn 2 days in a row – your bras need time to breathe and return to their shape between wearings.

This bra-washing frequency topic started a whole discussion on our Facebook Page with women sharing all of their tips and tricks. One HerRoom fan said she hand washes her bra after every use. First, she soaks it in the kitchen sink with a mild detergent, then uses a soft bristle nail brush and gentle soap to scrub the underwire and edging to remove deodorant and sweat. She says this technique has preserved the quality of her bras that she’s had more than a year. My response? Wow, are you for hire?

We learn so much from our Facebook fans, and here is a perfect example. We learned many women, after hand-washing their bras, stick them in a salad spinner to remove excess water. Isn’t that fabulous? And it makes perfect sense. The spinner eliminates water without wringing or twisting – a major no-no with lingerie

if you want it to last longer. Genius!

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While I don’t think you have to go to such extensive measures to care for your delicates – I do recommend hand washing your bras. But if the washing machine is your mantra, at the very least, put your bras in a lingerie bag like the Braza Safety Washer Bag to protect the underwires and straps from getting tangled. Wash on Gentle cycle, using mild detergent.

And NEVER put your bras – or any lingerie for that matter – in the dryer. The heat will deteriorate spandex , not to mention – possibly pull and twist the underwires.

Find more helpful information about caring for your delicates here.

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