Lingerie Patrol ™

Lingerie Patrol™ Kim K’s Misuse of Lingerie

The good news here is that I can’t think of anything that could make this look worse – Kim did everything wrong here. I’ve noticed a lot of women – mainly celebrities – taking inspiration from their lingerie drawers when putting together outfits. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This one is a visual OUCH!

Kim Kardashian was snapped in this get-up a few weeks ago. What was she thinking? custom term papers

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Not only is she “stuffed” into this outfit, but the bra top is not giving her support and she has back fat. Now, take a close look at the skirt… real close. The girl has no underpants on! A thin unlined skirt requires panties at the least but should also include a piece

of shapewear or a slip. And the cherry on top of this disaster has to be that belt.

I’m all for lingerie trends but they’re called foundations for a reason and it looks like Kim forgot the most basic one. What a mess.

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