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If you’re a fan of the hit drama, Mad Men, then you know all about Jon Hamm’s character and his dapper ways. But recently it’s been his not-so private parts that have been drawing some scandal of their own. It’s been reported that he was recently asked to wear underwear on set during filming because of his oversized anatomy. In the actor’s defense, those suits from the 1960’s are pretty snug-fitting as was the fashion back then. Most people would consider this a great problem to have but it inspires the question, are men pressured to hide their packages, much like women are encouraged to hide their nipples? In Europe, women are proud to show off their nipples in non-padded bras but not in America. Is it the same with men? Are we becoming more modest or is it only a matter of time before we just let it all hang out?

Women turn to bra styles with light padding or contour/t-shirt bras to achieve a more modest look but what many men don’t know is that they too – have some ‘secret weapons’ of their own. Underwear made from microfiber tends to be more supportive than underwear made of cotton but you’ll still get that lightweight, breathable feel. Guys can also choose underwear with a contour pouch to help tame the

bulge. It may be taboo for some men – but If all else fails – you can also choose to wear a thong to get coverage without having to wear a full pair of underwear.


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    April 6, 2013 at 10:43 am

    Well, not sure what to say. The post says he was asked to wear underwear suggesting that he was not wearing underwear. But he could have been wearing boxer shorts; the effect is the same. The male package can move around a lot. This is why wearing boxers can lead to a lot of accidental erections. (Dont take a long bus ride wearing flannel boxers, lol) That’s what might be happening to him. So he might not have that large a package at all it’s just that he is getting a partial erection from his penis moving around and the slim clothes make it obvious. Wardrobe should give him some contour pouch type of underwear—although not “period correct” it would prevent the obvious shaft danging down the leg of his pants.

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    June 7, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    I agree, I prefer to workout in compression type shorts or pants, I have no need for baggy shorts, but I get the worst looks in the gym as my package is presented for all to see. I always were a thong underneath to eliminate lines and when you’re wearing a thong it tends to pull everything out from underneath and present it forward. Most people are grossed out by seeing a mans bulge, but I wear what I like.

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