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Choosing a Post-Surgery Bra

Women who have had breast surgery—reconstruction, reduction, mastectomy or augmentation—are usually instructed by their doctors to wear a post-surgical bra for a specified amount of time. It’s a crucial step in healing and therefore, an important purchase. So, what exactly should you look for in a post-surgery  bra?

•    For starters, the bra should be wire-free. Underwires will not only aggravate soreness but can also inflame the incision.
•    The material should be soft. The last thing you need is itchy or stiff fabric against sore or tender skin.
•    Most of all, you’ll need support and lots of it. Good support reduces pain and swelling, protects tender tissue and can speed healing.
•    A front-close bra is a good option, since it’s easier to take on and off.
•    Go for full-coverage bras–this isn’t the time for balconettes and demi-cups.

Some women choose to wear a sports bra after surgery, since, in some cases, compression also aids recovery. But there are bras on the market made specifically for use after breast surgery. HerRoom carries a good selection of post-surgical bras. Here are few styles our customers rate highly:

The Annette 10618 is a seamless, cotton-blend bra with a supportive racerback. Customers say it’s very soft and non-irritating and is as effective as a surgical compression bra. It comes in sizes from a B to DD cup.

Wacoal makes a soft-cup bra that women have found is a great post-surgery option. The Wacoal 852247 has stretchy molded cups and is made of a supportive Supplex fabric that is soft and wicks away moisture. Like the Annette bra, it has a front closure. It comes in a good selection of band sizes, up to a 44.

If you prefer a back closure, the Amoena 2948 is a good choice. The cup lining is a soft cotton blend and the multi-part cup offers lots of support. As an added benefit, it’s constructed with pockets for breast forms or removable padding. This bra comes in an unusually broad size range– from an A to a G cup and bands sizes from 34-50.

These are just a few of the post-surgical bra options you can choose from. Do a quick search on HerRoom or browse here.  And be sure to read the customer reviews, since you’ll get good advice from other women who have bought post-surgery bras.


Bras in photo, left to right: Annette 10618; Wacoal 852247; Amoena 2948



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