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This Isn’t Grandma’s Maternity Lingerie!


Back when I was pregnant with my girls, maternity fashion was an oxymoron. My wardrobe choices were limited to voluminous dresses, usually in too-sweet prints or an equally limited selection of basic skirts and pants. The point was to hide or minimize the pregnancy, not glorify it. As for lingerie–maternity bras and panties were strictly utilitarian. Many women found that no matter how sexy or sophisticated their style was, when it came to maternity lingerie, style went out the window.

Well, not any more. Over the last decade or so women have chosen not to hide their baby bumps under tent-like clothing. And the demand for more variety in lingerie has grown too. Women are embracing this time of their lives and celebrating the changes. Today, several brands offer maternity bras that provide the necessary support and good looks. Many companies offer styles that work as both nursing and maternity bras, which will get you through the later months of pregnancy and the first few months of nursing. Cake Lingerie, for example, has t-shirt bras, wirefree bras, pretty maternity camisoles and tanks that are modern in style, with all the support features you need.

Belabumbum is known for how pretty their maternity styles are, with lace embellishment and a variety of styles, including robes, lounge pants, bras and camisoles. Even brands not usually known for maternity lingerie offer some styles that are a long way from those of ten or twenty years ago. Cosabella’s Never Say Never Mommie Soft Bra comes in fabulous colors and is made of a soft, non-scratchy stretch lace. And many other brands carry tights, camisoles, bras and other pieces you’ll need during your pregnancy. Browse through the collections we carry on HerRoom.

Despite the morning sickness and fatigue, some women actually have an increased sex drive during pregnancy and feel sexier than ever. So, why not celebrate this feeling with lingerie that matches your mood?

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    July 11, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Confused and dismayed by the title of your blog post. First of all, I’m a “Grandma.” Or rather, a “Mimi” as I am lovingly called. Secondly, not too sure many of us “Grandmas” or “Nanas” or “Mimis” are wearing maternity lingerie at this point in our lives, so why that title? And finally, there are better ways to share that this particular lingerie is only for young ladies. Does the younger generation always have to belittle “grandmas” in this way? How would your own grandmother feel about this title9? And most of us “grandmas” these days are just as fashionable and savvy as our daughters and granddaughters. After all, we have lived longer and have known and loved fashion a little longer than our daughters and granddaughters. And realize this, if you are blessed to live long enough, you younger ladies will one day be “grandmas.” Then how are you going to feel about this type of negative tone toward you? Rethinking purchasing from this site now that I’m realizing I’m shopping at a site that doesn’t appreciate my business and only caters to non-“Grandmas!”

    • Reply
      July 29, 2016 at 8:04 am

      Sorry you took offense but I was referring specifically to the type of maternity lingerie that was available to us back when we women of a certain age were having babies. Our choices at the time were limited to very basic utilitarian styles, hence “grandma’s maternity lingerie.” And of course, the term ‘granny panties’ as been in use for decades as a way to describe certain briefs, which by the way, are enjoying a renewed popularity among young women.

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