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How To Use: Adhesives


 Don’t let apprehension of a low neckline or backless dress keep you from feeling confident and looking great. Adhesives are a girl’s best friend when it comes to mastering fashion. I’ll bet you didn’t know but there is a double-stick science and here are some tips to get a grip on adhesives.

§  Tip #1: Most importantly, refrain from applying lotion or powder on your breasts pre-taping or else the adhesive won’t work properly (or for very long.)

§  Tip #2: Place strips of tape, not just where you feel you might have a slip-up, but in areas where fabric simply touches your breast…these are the areas to focus on in case a gust blows through, allowing you to keep moving in confidence. If tape is present, the breast will remain concealed- so be sure to tape in areas on the actual breast, not just on the sides.

§  Tip #3: Never place tape on the very edge/end of fabric if you wish to maintain the effortless look you want. Keep the tape at least ¼” down from the edge of where you’re placing it. Use more numerous, smaller sections of tape for better fabric smoothness and less pulling.

§  Tip #4: All adhesive silicone bra solutions contain only medical-grade adhesive. This prevents any discomfort in the removal process. I’ve heard of some women using actual utility tape and I do not recommend that, as such adhesive is not hypoallergenic and highly risks the damaging of skin.

§  Tip #5: The truth with any tape or adhesive is that it will not provide much support. If you are a DD+ and have breasts prone to sagging, these products probably won’t give you the look you are wanting.

With summer comes an array of challenging clothing which require unique bra solutions. Knowing what types of concealers work best and how to properly use them is a nugget of valuable knowledge.

      Double-stick tape:
Originally created to hold men’s hair pieces in place, this medically-safe tape bonds to skin for long periods of time without damaging skin.
For seriously-prepared taping, I recommend
Braza Flash Tape available in 20-foot rolls. This tape has no-fuss, crack ‘n’ peel liners and Braza also makes a swim version to help keep pesky swimsuits in place.
Another favorite,
Commando Matchsticks come in 2 ½” pre-cut sizes and a ‘matchbook’ for easy transport. The convenience of Commando Matchsticks make them a lifesaver in emergency situations.

Braza, Flash Tape 1009, 
Braza, Swim Flash Tape S1015,

Commando Matchsticks,


Adhesive Bras & Concealers:

Adhesive silicone bras were unveiled in 2002 and have since been a great solution for women as necklines get lower and backless dresses become more prevalent. Let me stress that some – but not ultimate boost is possible with adhesive silicone bras, so please consult our size charts to see the breast size limitations each adhesive item has.

Fashion Forms’ Silicone Lift Bra is a rather exciting new product on the market that claims to defy gravity with built-in underwires and clear adhesive straps to provide stay-in-place lift.

I have personally tried these and was pleasantly surprised with the achieved uplift. They are, however, tricky to put on, and correct placement to prevent tape exposure can be challenging based on the top worn. This item has the potential to be reused up to 25 times (with proper care, of course), and are available in cup sizes up to H (D6). 

*Helpful Tip: When wanting boost, first place the underwire in your breast crease and pull  the straps upward before positioning them on your actual skin.   


Fashion Forms, Voluptuous Silicone Lift Bra 16541,

If you’re looking for less dramatic support, HerRoom carries a plethora of strap-free bra solutions.

Another Fashion Forms item to consider is The Silicone Skin Bra – provides great shape and contour, and easily adhering to skin for the most daring of tops.
Wanting more modesty?
Commando brand’s TopHats (otherwise known as nipple covers) do just the trick. TopHats are invisible under the clingy knits, as well as reusable and hypoallergenic.


Fashion Forms, Silicone Skin Bra 16544, 







Commando, TopHats Reusable Silicone Nipple Concealors RNC,













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