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How To Minimize Bra Back Bulge

I get it, bra back bulge can be the worst. Many of my customers express to me how pesky it is and are asking what can they do to minimize this problem. I want my customers to not only love their lingerie, but make sure it achieves its purpose by providing the correct support and making you feel great.

So what am I talking about when I say back bulge?
Sometimes it’s caused by loss of firmness and elasticity due to menopause, sometimes a more rounded torso.
Visually, it’s when a woman is walking away from you and the back of her shirt is bumpy because the skin isn’t lying smoothly. 


These unsightly ripples have generated a whole new search category: Back Smoothing Bras

The solution is more coverage and to avoid thin straps and bands.
If the wings (or sides) of your bra are too skimpy, this causes lumping. When a bra has a wider-than-average back band made of thick material, bumps that look terrible under clothes are better concealed.
I know…some of you are thinking more coverage equals less sexy, but the truth is that, most of the time, no one knows what lingerie you’re wearing because it’s covered-up.
More coverage equals smoothness and an improved silhouette, which is really the intent of lingerie when not being worn for seduction.

Many make the mistake of going up a band size, but this is the absolute wrong thing to do. 
Why? Because it actually creates and/or enlarges these ripples
The band will always creep up, simultaneously pushing back tissue upward to create a bigger back bump. 
A loose band compromises your fit, not to mention will drive you mad in the end. 
Take a look at my video here for more information on how to minimize bra back fat.

Bras with “leotard” or “U-shaped” straps have taller wings (or sides) to eliminate the problem.
When a bra has taller wings, pressure is spread out over a greater surface area and smooths out your body tissue. (Think about putting a bra around a pillow…when you have more pressure around the surface, less of the pillow puffs out.)
Leotard backs smooth over back fat, cut down on strap slippage and provide additional support. 

The left is an example of a great "leotard back" bra and the image on the right is an excellent example of a common back smoothing bra with high wings.

HerRoom’s Best-Selling Back Smoothing Bras:

Vanity Fair, Back Smoothing Full Figure Minimizer Underwire Bra, 76080,
Tall microfiber sides and back made this bra an Undie Award Winner in both 2012 and 2013


Goddess, Keira Banded Underwire Bra, GD6090,
One of Goddess’ most popular bras, this leotard back bra was featured in Women’s World magazine. It has maximum support side panels to provide great shaping and smoothing.


Glamorise, Magic Lift with Back Support Bra, 1265,
This wire-free bra has criss-cross cotton and Lycra support bands. The wide bottom is the ultimate in full-figure back support.


Another suggestion is a torsette, which provides shaping while also allowing you to wear your favorite bra. They’re easy to put on, wash and wear with almost any garment.
Torsettes have just enough added compression to reduce bulge with breathable flexibility. Not only do they control back fat, but firm the tummy area and provide your body with a contour. 

See the difference?


Naomi & Nicole Firm Control Step-In Torsette, 771,
Some shaping camisoles have built-in bras, but I don’t recommend them for women over a C-cup, as they don’t provide enough support. Cupless torsettes are best because you can wear your own bra. 


Another option to help with this problem is a longline bra. A longline bra is a midriff-slimming bra with to-the-waist panels for extra smoothing.
Longlines are particularly popular at weddings and formal events where gowns require smoothness through the torso. 

Here is a longline style with great reviews at HerRoom…

Carnival, Full Figure Camisole Longline Bra, 720,
This slenderizing, longline bra is comfortable and generously sized for the full-figure woman. It slims the back and tummy with a wide bottom and has side boning to keep this bra in place. 


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