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The ABC’s of the Bodysuit Trend, for All Body Types

 As a proprietor of a lingerie company, my friends often ask about trends that pop up. They ask, “do I have the right body for it”, “is it age appropriate”, or “what do you think about it”. I absolutely love answering and being honest. As you can imagine the topic of the body suit has come up a few times, and let me just say: if you haven’t tried this trend, you are 100% missing out on effortless fashion.

    I just want to clarify we are talking about the modern bodysuit, not the 1980’s leotard. Fun fact, the first trapeze artist’s last name was Leotard.  His wife crafted his outfit, and it was quite unusual in its day, and so it became known as the leotard. There is a difference between a leotard and a bodysuit though. For instance, the 1980’s leotard was made for “athleisure”, which is equivalent to the “sweat pant” of today. In other words, there was as much athleticism involved with the leotard as sweat with the sweat pant. Trust me on this.

The Shaping/Utility Body Suit

The shaping body suit is my best friend on certain days. Some of the shapers will make you look 10lbs lighter, provide bust support and look great on their own. The utility body suit is more fit to be left as an undergarment, think of these as corsets. 



(From Left to Right: 1. Spanx Base Bodysuit in White, 2. Va Bien Classic Full Figure Long Torso Bodysuit in Black, 3. Bali Ultra Light Bodybriefer in Black, 4. DKNY Litewear Bodysuit Shaper)


The “Sexy” Body Suit

  If it’s shear, says “stocking” and lacks a nipple cover, this is not the body suit we’re looking for. They are great for those special occasions, but not for everyday public wear for the average woman. Although, paired with the right bra, a simple shear body suit is amazing for a night out.  Today on HerRoom if you were to search “body suit”, you would get over 100 items available, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend layering every single one of these options under a skirt and walking out the door to work. Let’s talk about the different types.


(From Left to Right: 1. Dreamgirl Peek-a-Boo Strappy Teddy, 2. Shirley of Hollywood Open Cup Teddy, 3. Rene Rofe Crotchless Lace & Mesh Teddy in Black)


The “Fashion” Body Suit

This is your safe bet. A solid body suit that you are comfortable wearing in broad daylight as a shirt. There are so many gorgeous styles, the possibilities are endless. 

(From Left to Right: 1. Wolford Pure Longsleeve Bodysuit in White, 2. Commando Faux Leather Bodysuit, 3. Jezebel Kirsten Modal Bodysuit with Tulle Thong Back, 4. Only Hearts Feather Weight Rib T-Shirt Bodysuit in White)

   Now that we have the basics down, let’s talk about those little quirks that may come about when wearing a body suit. I feel the need to tell you that there is a button in the crotch of most body suits. It may be a hassle, but it’s easy to get the hang of. If you are wearing the correct size, free from spacing issues on your tummy, you will be just fine. It just takes a bit of adjustment. Do you wear underwear with a body suit? The answer is no, they are your underwear; enjoy the freedom. Do you wear a bra with a body suit? You can if you wish, but if your body suit comes with a built-in support system I recommend letting it do its job.

  The last thing I want to touch on is: if this trend is for everyone. I 100% fully agree that anyone can rock this look. Here are some “real women” examples: 


(Photo Credit: 1. Instagram/nadiaaboulhosn, 2. Vogue, 3. Splash News, 4. Pinterest)

Body suits are so easy, stylish and sexy. We can all agree that they’ve evolved over the years and are now in a good place for everyday wear.

Have you tried this trend already or have more questions? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.


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