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The Right Nursing Bra Release for You


   Nursing is a rewarding part of motherhood, therefore the clasp release you choose for this special bonding period is very important. Bottom line, your nursing bra must be easy for you to unclasp and fold down with one hand for feeding on cue. There have been leaps and bounds in clasp design and innovation over the past 70 years since the first nursing bra was patented. I am enthralled that today’s top maternity brands are really taking into consideration what new moms actually need when it comes to the subject of quick nursing.
  In today’s market there are four main styles of nursing bra clasps that you will need to know about. Those being: 1. Squeeze and release, 2. Push, 3. Hook and eye, (both front and strap based) and 4. Front snaps (all shown below). The most popular style, the push clasp, is made of plastic and are an option found on many of the top maternity brands such as Cake, Bravado and Anita. The truth about each clasp design is that you should pick what works best for you- however from experience the hook and eye (from the strap), as well as the squeeze and release and push clasps are going to be best for a one handed release when nursing on cue. This is because they release from the strap and are easy to use, but still offer support for the breast when up. The snaps and front hook and eye closures are a little more challenging for quick feedings, as they require some adjusting once undone, as well as some re-assembly when nursing is complete. Today’s easy to use plastic clasps weren’t introduced until the early 2000’s, by the manufacturer Fildan.

    Did you know the nursing bra was technically invented by Ida Rosenthal, one of the founders of Maidenform, but the first known patent was registered by inventor Herman Schnaittacher in 1936? That first patented nursing bra will make you thank your lucky stars you’re a parent in modern times. You can marvel at it’s six, yes count them, six hook and eye front closures below. His invention was less of a help in the nursing department, and more of a way to help stop leakage, as it looked like 2 surgical pads were stuffed in a cone bra…very obviously a man’s inferior design. The first fold down clasped cups weren’t patented until 1952, by Maidenform. These clasps were inverted bra hooks, where the loop was at the strap base and the hook was connected to the fold down portion, as well as front hooks to lower the cup further. Nursing in the early 50’s was a lot harder to do, with many more steps in the process than by today’s standards.

   When shopping for the perfect nursing bra, you may find it is difficult to find an option that best suits your needs at a traditional retailer. My nursing and maternity buying team works diligently to offer the absolute best selection so that every woman can shop online with confidence. We are the only website that photographs and describes all the pertinent features of each nursing bra, like the cup release, design, and construction in extensive detail. Additionally, I have made sure that we include fitter’s notes about each bra to ensure a perfect match. There are so few brick and mortar lingerie retailers that stock nursing bras in an adequate size range because it is considered a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, that the lack of options often results in new mothers becoming dissatisfied with their nursing bra over time. HerRoom was created to help women, such as new mothers. We aim for you to find a bra that fits your specific needs without all of the fuss of a traditional retailer so that you can focus on the important things – like the special bond created between you and your newborn while nursing.

  Thank you so much for stopping by today. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on nursing bra cup structure, and leave me a comment letting me know your preferred cup release and why, I’d love to hear from you.



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