A Word About Customer Service, Our Return Policies & More

The vast majority of our customers receive their purchases with no problems. There are, however, rare times when someone is unhappy with an order or with the way customer service responds to an issue.  So, we’d like to take a few minutes to explain HerRoom’s return policies and clarify misconceptions, as well as some of the thornier issues we deal with.
Returns and why we sometimes reject them
Unlike almost everything else you buy online, underwear is extremely personal–let’s face it, it touches your body at its most intimate places. If there is the slightest doubt as to whether something has been worn, we will always come down on the safer side.

Even brick and mortar stores have strict return policies on intimates and swimwear. In fact, once the tags or the strip on bathing suits are removed, the item is not considered returnable.  We realize  you don’t have the option of a dressing room with an online store: we know you may need to try something on at home and that’s why our return guidelines are so clear. We even have an insert with every shipment that says   “Please wear yours when trying on ours.” You can see why we need to be extra careful. Imagine this–you buy a pair of panties online–do you really want to have to wonder if someone else wore them? In fact, many state laws ban the return of underwear and swimsuits entirely.

The basic question is this: given what appears to be the condition of this bra or panties or swimwear..would I wear it?

Many stores, both online and off, will not accept returns of intimate apparel unless it is obviously defective. For HerRoom and HisRoom, it’s a balancing act: we want to give you the opportunity to return your purchase. But we have to balance that against the health and peace of mind of the next customer, too.


Bridal, Hard-to-find sizes and specialty lingerie
You would probably not do this, but there are women who do: they buy an item knowing they’ll wear it and then try to return it. This happens more than you would imagine. In fact, this is the biggest area of complaints.  But lingerie retailers are not in the rental business. Many of our competitors have stopped offering bridal lingerie because the returns are so high and there is a large percentage of used returns. We want to keep providing customers with the lingerie they want. But, to do this, we must have rules in place so that everyone benefits.


A few guidelines:

  • The tags must be on. Would you buy a pair of shoes with scuffed soles or cosmetics with a broken seal? Of course not. Our version of that is intact tags.
  • The item must pass through a variety of biological tests to make sure it is in fact pristine.  If the item seems in any way worn–smudges, marks, scents, etc.–we will not put it back into inventory. Again, you wouldn’t want to buy it, would you?
  • Swimwear typically comes with a protective lining. If the lining is removed, we won’t accept the return. It’s also not returnable if the tags are missing or if it smells of chlorine.


Sometimes dealing with a customer service rep for any online transaction can be frustrating.  Please keep in mind that for the most part, all they deal with all day, every day are problems, complaints, mistakes in orders and issues with shipping or delivery.  The vast majority of these are solved to the customer’s satisfaction. And as willing as your customer service rep is to find a solution, he or she must work within company guidelines. Don’t shoot the messenger–they are hardworking people trying to do a great job.  As with any online retailer, there will always be a few responses a customer won’t like and customers who won’t be happy with any answer.   And honestly, not every complaint is legit–there are people who try to “game the system.”   But we try to work with you when you reach out to customer service. The goal is a good shopping experience for you and for all of our customers.