Color has always been popular in lingerie and never more so than now.  If you're someone who's always been  'married' to basic colors like nude and black, now is the time to experiment. Manufacturers have become more and more mindful of runway color trends, offering pieces in exciting new shades. ...
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I came up with the idea of HerRoom back in 1998 because women's lingerie buying options were so limited. Department stores, shops and catalogs didn't carry every size and color of a bra, nor did they offer a vast range of brands to choose from. I wanted to offer women a different shopping experience ...
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How Smart is Your Bra?

Every once in a while I see an article about a proposed earth-changing invention in bra technology. It seems that lots of people want to tinker with what's already a bit of a miracle of engineering. Some ideas show promise. For instance, there's recently been buzz about the 'bionic bra,' which has s ...
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When You’re Happy, We’re Happy: HerRoom Reviews
As any business, especially an online retailer knows, customer service is a crucial key to success.  At HerRoom, I have a great team in place and we take all comments--both negative and positive--seriously and act on them to make HerRoom a great shopping experience. It's heartening to see the slew ...
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"Your Skin has the Power to Protect You," 2008, is a work from Hank Willis Thomas's "Unbranded" series.
What's in a name? A lot, according to a new company called Nubian Skin. It has the stated mission of selling lingerie for women of color that more closely matches their skin tones. They're basing this on the concept that 'nude' bras are matched to Caucasian skin color.In reality, nude lingerie comes ...
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