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Just like in sports and in rock and roll, the Undie Awards has a Hall of Fame. After 8 years of running the Undies Awards, I've started to see a pattern. There are some bras and panties that are just so perfect and so popular that they've won year after year. So we figured we'd give some rookies a c ...
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It's April--that means Spring, warm weather and the annual Undie Awards. We started the Undie Awards back in 2007 as an opportunity for you, the consumer, to let us know what your favorite lingerie and underwear styles are. We began with just women's lingerie and added voting for HisRoom a few years ...
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Would you take a selfie of yourself in underwear and post it all over social media? No, right? Well, yes. That is, if you're on the #mycalvins bandwagon.  Calvin Klein's new campaign is a take on their iconic 80's  "Nothing comes between me & my Calvins"  ads, in which a teenage Brooke Shield ...
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All-American Brands

These days, many consumers actively seek out products made in the U.S.A. With so many products outsourced, American manufacturing is something to be proud of and lots of brands would like to jump on that home-grown bandwagon. But, and I didn't know this, there are actual standards regulating who can ...
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Here's a rather taboo subject - odor and dampness in our panties.  Okay!  Okay!  It's an icky subject, but I'm happy to say there is also a possible solution to all this and they look pretty - Knock Out Panties.You may have read about them in The Washington Post last month.  Angela Newnam, a D.C ...
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 Before I was in the lingerie business, I had given birth to two girls. I distinctly remember the maternity lingerie I bought. Few if any stores had maternity lingerie.  So, I went to Target, found 3 awful looking white bras and these big white granny-panties that came up and over my belly.  ...
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Fantasie makes terrific full-busted bras.  So, naturally, when they showed me a new bra that will be coming this fall, I became very excited.The new Fantasie bra is called Esme.  It is their next generation of a t-shirt bra.  Currently their Fantasie Smoothing T-shirt bra 4510 and their Fantasie ...
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