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Wacoal's summer bras
 Summer is the time for lightweight clothing and bare skin. And the best option under summer clothes is a t-shirt bra. But when the temperature hits the 90's, some molded or contour bras can get hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. And this is where Wacoal's bras of summer come in. The brand has intr ...
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 As any woman who wears a cup size of E (D2) and larger can tell you, large breasts get really heavy, weighing up to 6.6 pounds. The CEO of Prima Donna, the brand that specializes in bras with C-J cups, recently decided that his male employees, who spend all day steeped in lingerie, so to speak ...
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 Back when I was pregnant with my girls, maternity fashion was an oxymoron. My wardrobe choices were limited to voluminous dresses, usually in too-sweet prints or an equally limited selection of basic skirts and pants. The point was to hide or minimize the pregnancy, not glorify it. As for ling ...
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 No matter which way you spell it, bralettes (or bralets) are more popular than ever. I see it in our sales and in numerous articles about fashion. So, what are they and why are they so popular?Slate Magazine describes them as "the underwire bra's kid sister." Bralets are much less st ...
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Around HerRoom, it's been common knowledge that bralettes, those less-structured style bras, are usually best for small-breasted women. Well, I'm happy to say, not anymore. Freya has introduced a fabulous new bralette, Fancies, specifically designed for women who wear up to an HH (D9) cup. The cups ...
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 I really feel for women undergoing a mastectomy and can't imagine how difficult it must be. Although you have bigger things to worry about, one thing you'll have to consider is needing completely different bras post-surgery. I know doctors often recommend mastectomy bras, which are specificall ...
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 I've always carried sleep and leisure bras at HerRoom, but my buyers found a new brand of sleep bra that we're all very excited about. Nightlift was designed by Dr. Randal Haworth, a plastic surgeon who noticed that women who sleep in bras have firmer and higher breasts. But he also realized t ...
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