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Guys--we understand. You'd love to buy her something sexy and luxurious, but walking into a lingerie shop is right up there with getting a cavity drilled or singing "Feelings" at a karaoke party. Even a phone order is hard--how do you explain over the phone (without the use of hands) what size bra y ...
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I know that, for most guys, the idea of choosing lingerie for a woman is like walking through a minefield. So many opportunities for the whole thing to blow up in your face. We women often focus too much on our flaws and forget that, to the men in our lives, we are beautiful and sexy just the way we ...
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If you read this headline and wondered whether my blog veered off course from our usual topics, fear not. It’s my tongue-in-cheek way to kick start the subject of today’s post. After all, this is a lingerie blog, and not a relationship column. My focus remains in the realm of undies.So, let me a ...
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Valentine's Day is coming, and our emails are sounding the charge.  Scores of men are shopping online in the lingerie category, looking for something to present to the women in their lives. Guess what they're looking for.Let's start with color.  By a landslide, the inquiries are for black.  There ...
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2xist (pronounced "to exist") has become one of the most popular men's underwear lines in the last few years, with a very loyal following .  In our last meeting with them, 2xist shared with us their new marketing strategy going forward.  Now you too will be in the know.In the pas ...
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Crotchless Pantie
A friend of mine once told me that his now ex-wife used to sleep in turtlenecks. Okay, I think we all agree that's not sexy lingerie. A girlfriend of mine bought a chopper bra to wear on her boyfriend's birthday. The next day she squealed with delight as she recounted his reaction. Clearly, that was ...
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Pussycat Dolls Lingerie
During Los Angeles Fashion Week in March 2008, The Pussycat Dolls - inspired lingerie line was a surprise hit. Designed by the founder of the Pussycat Dolls band, Robin Antin, the collection received several thumbs up from major LA fashionistas.The group, known for their skimpy lingerie-like costume ...
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