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 Customers often ask me about minimizer bras and there seems to be confusion about what these bras do and how to choose the right one. The name is a little misleading: minimizers don't actually reduce breast size or bra size. But what they can do, very effectively, is reduce projection and the ...
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 While watching the Oscars last month, I couldn't help but notice the extremely low necklines some women wore. I'm sure some of you saw that and, rather than concentrating on the action or whoever's speaking, all you can think about is, "How are her breasts not falling out of that?!" ...
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how long should a bra last
You finally found the bra that fits just right and looks great and you wish it would last forever. It won't. Although caring for it properly may prolong the life of a bra, at some point it's time to toss it. You may be in denial, but if your bra has any of these 'symptoms,'  it has to go.The band i ...
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Valentine's Day is like a little piece of spicy candy in the middle of the winter blahs. It's a great opportunity to liven up a lingerie wardrobe (and a romance). Over the years, I've noticed trends in what women buy around this time of year and in what men buy for their women. We've also conducted ...
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InStyle recently did a spread on clothing and bra color combos that had me shaking my head. It makes perfect sense to wear a bra that won't show under clothing or to wear a matching bra and panty set. But selecting a bra to stand out purposely under your clothes seems…well, both dated and silly.Se ...
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Lingerie talk is filled with discussions of bra straps or band sizes or cup design.  But there's one little piece of a bra that make a big difference in fit: the center panel, or center gore. It's that small bit of fabric between the cups that holds the cups together. Ideally, it should rest agains ...
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You probably know that HerRoom has extensive information about bra fitting and solving bra fit problems. Recently, Cosmopolitan Magazine featured Panache's Kay-Lin Richardson addressing some of the same issues. We've always loved Panache for the way their bras so beautifully fit women with larger br ...
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