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One of the most common issues we hear about from our customers at HerRoom is nipples being visible through a bra and how to avoid this. It's pretty interesting seeing how women pose this question. It can be as discreet as "I'm looking for a bra that provides modesty" to more direct language, like "I ...
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Part 2| My previous post covered how to use intimate apparel to de-emphasize the appearance of soft tissue. Now let’s move onto the fun stuff – sexy essentials.Let me start by saying, you should never let your size or age hold you back from wearing something you love. And, since what we ...
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Part 1I frequently hear from plus-size women and those older than 50. Many are frustrated because they can’t find sexy lingerie in their size, or designed for anyone who isn’t a supermodel. Given there are less than a handful of brick-and-mortar stores in the country that carry plus-size ...
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Strapless garments pose a challenge for most women. It’s hard to think of any other design associated with so many fashion fails. Take a look at the latest photos from any red carpet event. You’ll see plenty of flattened breasts, armpit and back bulge, not to mention the dreaded “cups running ...
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Not all breasts are separated the same.  And, I don't think most women know this.  Did you know that some women have touching or "kissing" breasts where there is no space between the breasts?  There are other women with rather wide separation - more than 3 finger widths in fact.   So, why does ...
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Well, the answer is "SOMETHING!"  Have you noticed all these sheer dresses showing up on red carpets lately?  How about these cut-out dresses like this one on JLo?Is this really all that sexy?  My mind instantly jumps to concern over a seam or piece of fabric accidentally moving and creating a TM ...
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She's young and has a beautiful bust line.  But, she's been seen out all too often bouncing along without any bra support.  Now rumors about her lack of support are suggesting that her career could be impacted, should her breasts begin to sag.So, here's the reality about  breasts and sagging.  B ...
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