Valentine's Day is like a little piece of spicy candy in the middle of the winter blahs. It's a great opportunity to liven up a lingerie wardrobe (and a romance). Over the years, I've noticed trends in what women buy around this time of year and in what men buy for their women. We've also conducted ...
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Maria Komissarova-Freestyle Skiing. Photo courtesy TotalProSports.com
It's hard to miss coverage of the Sochi Olympics--not only does it dominate prime time, but live coverage is available almost all day. But what you might have missed is the Russian official lingerie photo shoot.  A Russian website is displaying Russian women athletes in sexy lingerie--a far cry fro ...
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Part 2| My previous post covered how to use intimate apparel to de-emphasize the appearance of soft tissue. Now let’s move onto the fun stuff – sexy essentials.Let me start by saying, you should never let your size or age hold you back from wearing something you love. And, since what we ...
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Part 1I frequently hear from plus-size women and those older than 50. Many are frustrated because they can’t find sexy lingerie in their size, or designed for anyone who isn’t a supermodel. Given there are less than a handful of brick-and-mortar stores in the country that carry plus-size ...
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Valentine's Day is coming, and our emails are sounding the charge.  Scores of men are shopping online in the lingerie category, looking for something to present to the women in their lives. Guess what they're looking for.Let's start with color.  By a landslide, the inquiries are for black.  There ...
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I remember when I was in high school, my mom refused to let me buy some red high-heel shoes.  Her reason?  In her mind (as well as my father's I later discovered) a woman walking around in red high-heeled shoes was considered a 'woman of the evening,' a 'call girl,'  a woman with low morals.  Ne ...
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Valentine Lingerie Ideas

Valentine's Day will be here soon, so the race is on to find a fun/sexy lingerie outfit to entice your significant other.  Being in the business, we see all sorts of Valentine-themed items from manufacturers--with hearts, cupids, erotic cartoons and racy sayings-- every year.  And every year, we g ...
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