Men Take the Bra Challenge
In a video that's just gone viral, Buzzfeed asked a group of men to wear a bra for a week. It seems they learned the hard way what women already know: sizing can be a mathematical challenge; bras are incredibly complex pieces of engineering; you sometimes feel like, as one man said, a 'deer in the h ...
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It's Spring and I have to ask: how's that New Year's resolution going?  According to, the most popular resolutions include lose weight; quit smoking; volunteer; get a better job; exercise to get fit and save money.Not surprisingly, those are also the ones most commonly broken. An article in ...
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Valentine's Day is like a little piece of spicy candy in the middle of the winter blahs. It's a great opportunity to liven up a lingerie wardrobe (and a romance). Over the years, I've noticed trends in what women buy around this time of year and in what men buy for their women. We've also conducted ...
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How Smart is Your Bra?

Every once in a while I see an article about a proposed earth-changing invention in bra technology. It seems that lots of people want to tinker with what's already a bit of a miracle of engineering. Some ideas show promise. For instance, there's recently been buzz about the 'bionic bra,' which has s ...
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Pantone's announcement of their color of the year has become quite an event in the media, fashion and design worlds. It's no surprise that every year we see make-up, clothing, accessories and home goods in that particular shade. 2015's Color of the Year is Marsala, like the color of the wine. And, l ...
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There was a bit of buzz in the media this fall to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the bra. Online articles  and even a segment on the Today Show celebrated this little piece of lingerie. In fact though, a garment designed specifically to cover the breasts was depicted as early as the 14th centur ...
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When You’re Happy, We’re Happy: HerRoom Reviews
As any business, especially an online retailer knows, customer service is a crucial key to success.  At HerRoom, I have a great team in place and we take all comments--both negative and positive--seriously and act on them to make HerRoom a great shopping experience. It's heartening to see the slew ...
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