I've always carried sleep and leisure bras at HerRoom, but my buyers found a new brand of sleep bra that we're all very excited about. Nightlift was designed by Dr. Randal Haworth, a plastic surgeon who noticed that women who sleep in bras have firmer and higher breasts. But he also realized t ...
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For 16 years, Pantone has been creating the Color of the Year and their selection affects design from clothing to home furnishing to cosmetics. Typically the chosen colors have been bold, like Radiant Orchid and Emerald. This year, pastel wins the day with not one, but two colors chosen as Color of ...
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Color has always been popular in lingerie and never more so than now.  If you're someone who's always been  'married' to basic colors like nude and black, now is the time to experiment. Manufacturers have become more and more mindful of runway color trends, offering pieces in exciting new shades. ...
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briefs at HerRoom
For the past several years, thongs have been the most popular underwear style, especially among younger women. But according to HerRoom sales and a statistic quoted in the New York Times, thongs have been replaced in the hearts (and on the bodies) of millennials by briefs, also known as 'granny pant ...
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If you're like most of us, your bra drawer is filled, not only with bras you wear all the time, but with mistakes, worn-out bras, styles that are uncomfortable or the wrong size, and other bras that make you wonder what you were thinking. It's time to take inventory: throw out old, misshapen bras an ...
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Heidi Klum’s New Lingerie Line
HerRoom is happy to announce we're now carrying Heidi Klum's new lingerie line, filled with sexy,  fashion-model-worthy pieces. This line replaces the Elle MacPherson line and maintains supermodel style and brand appeal.The new video that Heidi Klum has made to feature the brand does it justice. Sc ...
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How Smart is Your Bra?

Every once in a while I see an article about a proposed earth-changing invention in bra technology. It seems that lots of people want to tinker with what's already a bit of a miracle of engineering. Some ideas show promise. For instance, there's recently been buzz about the 'bionic bra,' which has s ...
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