Kristen Stewart has been seen recently on the red carpet and events wearing skin baringcheapest viagraoutfits showcasing her lingerie or lingerie-inspired looks. The Twilight actress attended the Variety Studio awards in preppy plaid pants and a sheer white v-neck tee with a black bra underneath. Th ...
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Kim K(1)
The good news here is that I can't think of anything that could make this look worse - Kim did everything wrong here. I've noticed a lot of women - mainly celebrities - taking inspiration from their lingerie drawers when putting together outfits. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This one ...
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David Beckham was “caught” in his underwear recently in L.A. by a bus of tourists. Why? He was in the middle of a photo shoot for his H&M underwear brand. Beckham and other hotties of late have been posing in their skivvies such as Justin Beiber and Thom Evans.Actually it’s a nice change o ...
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Overcoming Body Image Barriers

Kudos to Stella Boonshoft for seemingly overcoming the pressure women face to look perfect by showing herself in a bikini to the world! I'm sure this took incredible bravery on her part, given the extreme standards women today save on auto repair are held to by the media. Recently,buy viagra online ...
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How Often Do You Wash Your Bras?

Admit it. How many times do you wear your bra before washing it? Once? Three times? Five? Well, a bra expert was recently asked this on television. Her response? Eight! Yikes! This answer caused quite a stir in the social network among many women, including me. Personally, I think this is wrong. If ...
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Hats off to all the stylists involved with this years Emmy Awards. You did a great job - particularly with the cleavage area. Below are some of my favorite call outs in this edition of Lingerie Patrol ™.Christina Hendricks resurrected her look from two years ago, wearing a similar Christian Sirian ...
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elle macpherson(1)
Heidi Klum, whatcialis onlinewere you thinking? You're the star of "Project Runway," have super-model status yet you show up looking like this???Klum, with her flawless curves and longstanding career in the fashion and TV world was recently spotted looking less than supported and rather "bumpy". I g ...
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