Part 1I frequently hear from plus-size women and those older than 50. Many are frustrated because they can’t find sexy lingerie in their size, or designed for anyone who isn’t a supermodel. Given there are less than a handful of brick-and-mortar stores in the country that carry plus-size ...
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Strapless garments pose a challenge for most women. It’s hard to think of any other design associated with so many fashion fails. Take a look at the latest photos from any red carpet event. You’ll see plenty of flattened breasts, armpit and back bulge, not to mention the dreaded “cups running ...
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Chances are, by now, you’ve heard a little something about what Jockey is touting as the next big breakthrough in bra sizing. They took the media by storm a few weeks ago, claiming to have reinvented the bra. This raised more than a few hopes (and eyebrows), but is it true? Has Jockey singlehanded ...
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Geno Prussakov of AM Navigator was hired by my company to take over our Affiliate Program.  In the initial emails prior to our contract, I shared with Geno my concerns both verbally and written regarding coupon affiliates.  We agreed that their deceptive habit of creating and posting false sales a ...
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I like to think I'm open-minded to new ideas.  So, when I read yesterday about a French study claiming breasts would sag less if women went braless, I was intrigued.  But, now I've had a chance to really study it.  This has to be a hoax.Let's first start with a little reality check.  We've all s ...
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Hide Your Package

If you're a fan of the hit drama, Mad Men, then you know all about Jon Hamm's character and his dapper ways. But recently it's been his not-so private parts that have been drawing some scandal of their own. It's been reported that he was recently asked to wear underwear on set during filming because ...
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All eyes were on the stars during the 2013 Academy Awards and it seemed most everyone was well aware of that fact. The result? Near perfection. I'm happy to report that there were only a few Lingerie laws broken and here are the top offenders.Anne Hathaway had a big win, walking away with the Oscar ...
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