Every year Pantone, the global authority that provides professional color standards throughout the design industries, selects a color of the year. They look for color influences across all creative sectors, polling designers from many fields, including graphic design, industrial design, fashion, pro ...
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bra extenders

Do Bra Extenders Work?

We women go through so many physical changes in a lifetime that it's no wonder our bra size can fluctuate. Sometimes the cup fits just right, but the band on your bra suddenly feels too snug. In this case, many women turn to bra extenders. Bra extenders are just rectangular pieces of fabric that typ ...
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The Golden Globes Awards show is one of my favorites--everyone is a little looser than at most shows--perhaps due to the food and drink involved.  Speaking of  "globes" and "looser,"  here's my round-up of what I thought worked and what fell short, especially when it comes to necklines and ...
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All-American Brands

These days, many consumers actively seek out products made in the U.S.A. With so many products outsourced, American manufacturing is something to be proud of and lots of brands would like to jump on that home-grown bandwagon. But, and I didn't know this, there are actual standards regulating who can ...
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One of the most common issues we hear about from our customers at HerRoom is nipples being visible through a bra and how to avoid this. It's pretty interesting seeing how women pose this question. It can be as discreet as "I'm looking for a bra that provides modesty" to more direct language, like "I ...
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I know that, for most guys, the idea of choosing lingerie for a woman is like walking through a minefield. So many opportunities for the whole thing to blow up in your face. We women often focus too much on our flaws and forget that, to the men in our lives, we are beautiful and sexy just the way we ...
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Have you ever been certain of your bra size, and tried one on with those same measurements only to find it didn’t fit or looked awful? The simple explanation is that size isn’t the only factor at play. Different bra styles and features are just as important.With the cold weather setting in, I’ ...
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(un)covering what's under everything