Is there just one way to find your bra size? In my experience - no. Four years ago, I set out to educate women on how to find their bra size using the tape measuring system by creating this how-to video. But I felt we needed an update to the old tape measuring system and recently created this new, m ...
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One of our fabulous Customer Service Representatives, LaBresha, emailed me recently and told me many of our customers ask about the difference between European bra sizes and America bra sizes.  She then suggested I blog on the subject.  Well LeBresha, thank you for your suggestion, and here you go ...
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Being in the lingerie business, it's almost impossible for me to walk by a lingerie store or department without stopping in and looking around.  And, as one would suspect, I get approached by their employees.  What I've noticed over the last couple of years is how aggressive and emboldened the emp ...
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