Lingerie talk is filled with discussions of bra straps or band sizes or cup design.  But there's one little piece of a bra that make a big difference in fit: the center panel, or center gore. It's that small bit of fabric between the cups that holds the cups together. Ideally, it should rest agains ...
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Is there just one way to find your bra size? In my experience - no. Four years ago, I set out to educate women on how to find their bra size using the tape measuring system by creating this how-to video. But I felt we needed an update to the old tape measuring system and recently created this new, m ...
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Under-Bust Measurement
Here’s the truth – there is no exact measuring system when it comes to figuring out your proper bra size.Now, I appreciate that this is a rather provocative statement, but after 8 years of helping women find their correct bra size, invariably the tape measure is abandoned and in its place ...
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(un)covering what's under everything